LouminouNatural Kombucha shampoo in a sunny patch of moss in the native bush of New Zealand

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Natural Herbal Natural Herbal Deodorants on a New Zealand beach

Natural Hair & Body Care

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Purely natural Kombucha shampoo and conditioner in a rockpool on the New Zealand beach

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Why these products are different:

Running a little cottage industry located in Kuaotunu on the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ, it is my mission to solve problems that people sometimes have with natural products and create something that is better.

Over the years I have noticed that many eco-friendly products aggravate symptoms for people with sensitive skin, because the ingredients are just not mild enough or cause allergies.

That is why, besides making them environmentally friendly and effective, I decided to focus my efforts on the gentleness of the products.

Sulfide free solid shampoo

Kombucha solid shampoo bars
Kumerahou plant next to handmade natural Kombucha shampoo

Kombucha is a popular lacto-fermented beverage which has served as a health promoting food and medicine since time immemorial.

Because of its conditioning effect Kombucha shampoo leaves hair silky-smooth and beautifully shiny.

People who are using the shampoo report often that their hair requires washing less often, because it just stays beautiful for longer. People with graying hair have also reported that their hard, brittle hair started changing back to its former youthful shiny softness after washing with Kombucha shampoo.

The pH is carefully balanced to match the natural mildly acidic layer that protects your skin and hair from the harsh environment.

Natural Kombucha shampoo held in cupped hands in front of a waterfall

And you need surprisingly little.

For most people it takes quite a while to get through a bottle, even if the whole family is using it. That is because we don't dilute our shampoo with water and fillers like they do with the cheaper brands. A little bit goes a long way and this saves not only money but is also better for the environment.

Natural Herbal Deodorants on the New Zealand beach

The herbal deodorant is made with a special blend of essential oils that have deodorising properties. It stays effective for 24 hours after application.

No nasty chemicals

Natural Kombucha shampoo next to a bottle of kombucha in New Zealand