How to eat Kombucha Scoby

Although the scoby membrane that is forming on the top of your kombucha brew is incredibly healthy for the body, there is one major obstacle which successfully prevents most people from eating it: It is tough and chewy as leather and it doesn't look exactly appetizing!

This doesn't seem to bother dogs. Whenever I fed them to the farm dogs, most of them slurped them up eagerly and got a very healthy, shiny fur as a result. Some dogs prefer to chew them as dried treats.

One of the older dogs was almost bald at his rear end from chronic dermatitis.

Now, after eating his scoby treat every few days, his fur is thick and healthy and he even has put on some weight. No doubt due to the improved digestion!

Fortunately for us humans there are ways of refining the scoby to suit our more selective taste buds!

The easiest way is to make it into a soft pulp using your kitchen blender, which then can be added to smoothies, muesli or home made ice cream.

But by far my favorite way of eating this scoby pulp is kombucha jello!

You won't find this anywhere on the internet, because it's something that my friend Shirley Santos has invented.

kombucha scoby jello hearts

First you need to put the scoby into a blender and grind it into a smooth pulp by adding just enough kombucha to make it blend properly, if it's too dry it won't move.
Take 50g of this pulp and mix it with 170 ml water, the juice of half a lemon or lime and 30 ml of fruit syrup (I used black current and elder flower syrup). You can add a tea spoon full of honey if you like it sweeter, but that's optional. 
Fill the mix into a sauce pan and sprinkle 3 tbsp of gelatin powder onto the top. 
Leave to stand for five minutes and then gently heat until the gelatin has completely dissolved, but do not boil! I found it dissolved easily at a temperature that didn't hurt my fingers (or the scoby).
Then you can fill it into molds and allow to set in the freezer. They are easiest to unmold when frozen hard.

The resulting jello has a delicious effervescent texture to it!

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