How to bake yummy Kombucha Bread

Today I want to share with you my new recipe for Kombucha sourdough bread.

I’m living at a friend’s a farmhouse which has a cooking wood stove that is perfect for baking your own bread. And there is a collection of cast iron camp-ovens in all sizes!

Making sourdough bread takes a bit longer than baking with yeast, but it is worth the wait.

A delicious loaf of kombucha bread

First I make the starter dough, which is where the Kombucha comes in. It is actually more of a slurry, because the bacteria work faster when they have plenty of liquid.

Here are the instructions for making the bread:

For the starter dough, mix 100g rye flour with 100g buckwheat flour in a container and add ¼ tsp of natural sea salt.

Then add 50g Kombucha and 150g water and mix thoroughly.

The covered container needs to be kept in a warm place for a day or two, a good place is a hot water cupboard or somewhere close to the stove.

When it has gone bubbly and smells sour it can be mixed into your bread dough.

For the bread dough mix 220g of spelt flour (can be substituted with wheat), 220 g rye flour and 130g of some other flour like sorghum, rice flour or buck wheat.

Add 1 tbsp of natural sea salt, your starter mix and 300g of warm water. Knead thoroughly.

This dough needs to be standing in a covered bowl in a warm place over night.

In the morning mix it again and fill into an oiled tin or small camp-oven. Leave to stand covered in a warm place for the day. It can be baked as soon as it has risen but I usually wait until evening when we light the wood stove and bake it in there. I leave the lid on to keep the steam in.

Kombucha dough ready to go into the oven

The stove has a thermometer attached to the oven door. Ideal temperature would be 180 C but it often gets hotter, sometimes up to 250 C.

For the last 15 minutes I take the lid off to get a brown crust.

So far the bread always turned out fine, but I watch it closely and take it out temporarily if the temperature gets too high. After 45 m or an hour the bread should be done.

I check with a wooden skewer if it is done inside.

The kombucha bread has just finished baking

After the camp-oven has cooled a bit, it can be turned over and the bread left to cool on a rack.

Then we enjoy it the next day for breakfast!

Note that normally I don’t weigh the ingredients but do everything by feeling. I only took these measurements so I can share the recipe. Once you get the hang of it you can vary and experiment with different flours of your choice.

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