Herbal natural Deodorant made in New Zealand from pure essential oils with a subtle floral scent
2 Natural Herbal Deodorants on a beach in New Zealand

Herbal Deodorant Floral 40g

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Mara Botanical Deodorant is carefully handcrafted in small batches

The active ingredient is a unique blend of essential oils, which have been selected for their deodorizing properties and skin-healing gentleness.

These essential oils also have anti-depressant and immune boosting properties. They support the functioning of the endocrine system, instead of disrupting hormones like many of the artificial fragrances do.

One tube holds 40g of the firm and smooth product which applies very sparingly and will prevent odor producing bacteria for about 24 hours.

A stick can last 6-8 months or more with daily use.

This emollient deodorant has a soothing effect after hair removal.

There should be no problems for oily or acne prone skin, because all the oil and wax ingredients have a low comedogenic rating of 2

The high quality zero-waste, sustainable cardboard push-up tube is biodegradable. 

Floral deodorant smells like orange blossoms, roses, lavender, ylang ylang, lemongrass, sandalwood and a hint of vanilla.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, liquid coconut oil triglycerides, beeswax and a blend of 14 different essential oils

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